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Our Services

Plurimi leverages the ecosystem it has created across the leading custodians, asset management, investment banking and asset financing firms around the world to deliver ideas, solutions and results to our clients.

Private Asset
Administration Services

Wealth Management

  • Selection of Custodians / Banks
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Investment Advisory
  • Discretionary Services (In-house & Third Party Access)
  • Outsourced CIO Capabilities

Investment Management

Plurimi Artificial Intelligence Equity Screening tool

Our AI system systematically screens over 5,000 global stocks to analyse over 600 data points.

The software looks at every financial and technical metric a human analyst would seek to assess when analysing a stock for investment, but at a speed and capacity that would take a large team of human analysts years to complete. Our software does this analysis on a daily basis.

Benefits of Using AI

  • Allows fast and thorough harvesting of information for investment opportunities.
  • AI distils fundamental factors for each stock to assess their relative and absolute attractiveness.
  • As well as bottom-up assessment, the software captures global macro drivers implied from various financial asset classes for top-down insights and identification of which stocks should fare better in the economic environment it deems us to be in.
  • Generates automatic buy and sell signals and alerts to help time appropriate portfolio actions.
  • Suggests multiple buy and sell ideas to achieve appropriate portfolio diversification and mitigate risk.

Discover the range of our investment solutions

Plurimi Structured Solutions

Plurimi acts as a distributor of structured products issued by major banks through its Plurimi Structured Solutions team which specialise in bespoke solutions for a diverse client base across multiple regions. Using our deep industry experience across all asset classes, and our passion for developing both strong and trusted client relationships, we can offer a wide and innovative range of solutions to meet professional investors’ needs.

Plurimi Structured Solutions is a division of Plurimi Wealth LLP Please contact Richard Baker for further information.

Private Asset Administration Services

Predominantly for large institutions and family offices, PAAS helps clients with the administration, reporting, monitoring and analysis of their private asset portfolios.

Please contact Ekaterina Andreeva for further information.