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Our mission is to navigate the breadth of the financial world, to source the best parts from within our financial institutional partners and to come up with the best possible constructed solutions to help clients meet their financial goals.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

Case Study 1

Client had multiple segregated equity portfolios which were difficult to actively oversee and understand true exposures.

There was often high overlap between holdings, high correlation between managers, low tracking error with fees made outperformance challenging.

Plurimi assumed oversight across all portfolios and provided consolidated reporting with ongoing analysis and monitoring. Plurimi highlighted the concentration of themes between managers with suggestions for improvement.

Case Study 2

Professional and seasoned financial veteran was an active structured product investor. Client has one bank where he would get ideas, pricing and execution. Client wanted to expand idea generation, issuer diverisification and ability to price across multiple issuers without having to open new relationships.

Plurimi was able to offer access to the ‘street’ and typically four competing prices for any issue. Notes were settled at the client’s custodian without the need to open any new accounts.

Case Study 3

Professional client needed institutional equity coverage. Client had a Swiss based private banking relationship which did not offer dedicated institutional equity coverage.

Plurimi introduced client to institutional trading team at a U.S. investment bank. The team were active advisors across global equities and offered European, US and Asian coverage hours.

Client also needed specific lending requirements which could not be offered by the existing Swiss bank.

Plurimi worked with institutional brokerage team, Swiss private bank and third party financing bank to construct a solution for the client.