The Firm

Our mission is to navigate the breadth of the financial world, to source the best parts from within our financial institutional partners and to come up with the best possible constructed solutions to help clients meet their financial goals.

Established in 2007, Plurimi is an independent wealth management business with offices in London, Dubai, Monaco and Gibraltar.

We believe our approach is unique

We focus on Service – we have fewer clients per relationship team and align ourselves with our clients.

We find Solutions – having access into a broad array of institutions allows our clients flexibility and choice.

One Stop Shop – we act as the gateway on your behalf across all your investment needs. We aim to simplify the complex.

Our Scale and Experience allows our clients to benefit from our ecosystem and networks.

Safety of Assets – we are not a bank but we help you open accounts with high quality credit worthy institutions on which we advise.

We work with you at the outset and help you Design the most optimal solution based on your needs, not just at one bank but often harnessing the capabilities across several institutions.

Wealth Redesigned

70 experienced professionals

Global team

$8 billion



Number of clients

15 Years

In business